Accommodation in the Comfort of Your Home

Our Other Hotels in the Taksim

We are at the service of our guests with our different concepts

Alyon Hotel Taksim

Located in the center of Taksim, our hotel provides service to our guests in a hotel concept.

Alyon Apart Hotel

We welcome our guests who want to feel at home with 1+1 and 2+1 house options.

Alyon Suite Hotel

We provide premium service to our guests with our 1+0 and 1+1 suite house options.

About Us

As a company, we have been providing accommodation services to our guests for more than 20 years. In this process, we have always grown by improving ourselves and implementing the feedback we received from our guests. We currently have 3 different hotel businesses in the Taksim area where we serve with different concepts. To take part in this beautiful story, call us now to make a reservation.

Comments From Our Guests

“The rooms are very clean, the friend at the reception was very helpful, I thank him. "It is a very affordable hotel, in a quiet location and very clean. Thank you for everything."
Enes Sancar
“It was an accommodation that made our trip to Istanbul better with my boyfriend. The rooms are very clean. It is a hotel with the necessary tranquility to relax after a tiring day. Thank you”
Grace Brown
“The large and spacious apartments were very comfortable during our stay with my children and wife. As a family, we left very satisfied. Many thanks to the officers who took care of us.”
Nurgül Şahin